Long-term vision and strategic goals

Long-term vision

We are oriented and dedicated to formation of the modern society, which is turning into the most successful company in the area of financial service intervention. Our vision does not depend on the temporary inspiration but is based on long-term, global view and on success that guarantees progress, power and stability in the coming decades.

Strategic goals

We have the desire to act as a leading company in the area if insurance and financial counselling, that will be famous for quality of its services and represent a solid environment for personal growth and building of the individual’s financial independence.

Our company mainly specialises in the field of life and property insurances as well as other forms of financial investments.

We have expanded the network of our insurance representatives into all larger Slovenian cities and also to the markets of the Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia.

Our company professionally cooperates with over 80 independent insurance representatives as well as with over 200 active contract workers.




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