Why Harvest

1. An opportunity for advanced materials

Perhaps you already work in the sales department, have certain management experiences, do your work as a sole proprietor or have a gainful or a part-time employment. We will show you how to earn some extra money by performing only a few activities a week that will enable you a better life and a solid financial independence.
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2. Work at the top-level team

You will become a part of team, consisting of successful co-workers that enjoy working with people, are communicative, professional, kind and trustworthy, basically a person you are about to become.
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3. Education and professional training

Our fundamental task is to actively invest in education and development of our co-workers on their personal and professional path. Extensive experiences, knowledge, professional competence, constant training, new approaches and ideas represent the values that will assist you on your way to success.
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4. Building a successful career

Would you like to make more of your life than others? Are you perhaps not satisfied with average life most people live?
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5. Sales and marketing support

We have already prepared the entire educational and marketing documentation, pamphlets, and brochures....
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6. Infrastructure - Internet and intranet support

Irrespective of the location of your sales network – either within the Republic of Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia – or wherever you are currently situated, you are able to access all necessary instructions, materials, literature, pamphlets, internal newspapers, video contents ...
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7. Associations and relaxation

We also take the time to socialize and relax.
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