Harvest Academy

People have different priorities in life, but we all share the urge to be safe, to evolve, to learn, to be confident, to achieve goals and strive towards personal growth. We walk on our path of self-realization, creativity and effectiveness. Interests and wishes of an individual coincide with the interests of Harvest, which binds us into a big family, who is always striving to broaden the horizon and make progress.   
Our gatherings at different lectures, workshops and seminars make us greater each day, which can be seen when working with customers. Our mission is to help people search for the best solutions for them. We are good at it, because we the time to educate, upgrade the knowledge in all of the insurance fields, financial investments and safe investments for the future. Our goal is to offer the highest level of personal financial consulting.
We are aware that the process of learning is a path, which never ends. That is why here at Harvest we make sure that our consultants receive the best professionaltraining to refine skills in the various areas. Common success binds us, motivates and gives us the energy and the constant urge to progress. We also gather outside work, in a relaxed environment, where we talk and exchange ideas.  
We know that friendship and the feeling of belonging to the Harvest company is priceless, the qualities that are many times forgotten in the modern business world. All these things affect the way we do business, because the positive energy passes from the consultants to the customers. We provide informative workshops, where we advise costumers how to deal with money. Our hardworking employees enjoy sharing their knowledge with anyone who is in need.

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